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Chuck Berry - Reelin and Rockin


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24th October 2016 - Sixties star Bobby Vee dies aged 73.
22nd October 2016 - Phil Collins is back. Concerts announced at Royal Albert Hall in June 2017.
18th October 2016 - Chuck Berry is 90 today and announces new album for release in 2017.
25th September - On the 25th September 1980 the greatest rock drummer, John Bonham, died in Clewer, Windsor. He was 32.
14th May 2015 - Blues legend B.B. King "the father of the blues" dies in Las Vegas aged 89.
21st April 2015 - AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleads guilty to threatening to kill in New Zealand court.
17th April 1960 - On this day 55 years ago Eddie Cochran was killed in a car crash in the UK.
18th March 2015 - Andy Fraser of Free dies aged 62
3rd February - On this day 56 years ago Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash
19th January - On this day in 1939 Phil Everly was born.
19th January - On this day in 1998 Carl Perkins died
12th January 1969 - Led Zeppelin released their first album - and the world started to spin.
8th January 2015 - The 80th anniversary of the birth of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.
4th January - On this day in 1986 Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy died aged 36.
30th December - On this day in 1928 Bo Diddley was born.
29th December - On this day in 1974 John Lennon dissolved The Beatles.
28th December - On this day in 1976 blues icon Freddie King died.
22nd December 2014 - Joe Cocker dies aged 70.
22nd December 2014 - Chip Young, a producer and guitarist renowned in Nashville dies aged 76.
22nd December 2014 - How did Lead Belly get out of jail for Christmas.
22nd December 2014 - some nice xmas songs - click
22nd December - On this day in 2002 Joe Strummer of the punk rock band The Clash died.
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John Lennon - Havana, Cuba

John in Havana, cuba
Statue of John Lennon in a Havana park, Cuba
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