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Remembering 7 9 78
Keith Moon

On the 7th September 1978 Keith Moon the drummer with The Who died from a drug overdose.

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The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Texas 1975)
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Remember 7 9 78
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First WHO gigs and Moon House
railway hotel wealdstone
The Railway Hotel, Wealdstone was a typical old rock 'n roll pub/hotel. The Who played their first gig here as The High Numbers.

It was here that an R&B club was run by Richard Barnes, and where Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp first saw The Who starring Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. This is the site of The Who's first ever gig.

It was also here that Pete Townshend cracked his guitar neck on the low ceiling and so began The Who's notorious auto-destruction.

The derilect building was destroyed by fire in 2000. It was replaced by two blocks of flats named Moon House and Daltry (sic) House after members of The Who.
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Keith Moon and his exploding drum kit
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