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We take your information and privacy seriously.


If you contact us your e-mail address may be used by us to advise you of changes and useful information about the site via our occasional newsletter. All newsletters contain an opt-out option and there is also a newsletter link to the cancel newsletter option on our home page. We action all requests immediately. These e-mail addresses are not used for any other marketing or sales purposes.We will never divulge your information to any third party.
RockSite Message Board
The message board is a public forum and as such can be seen by anybody. The allowed content is restricted to rock, music and related issues. We remove inappropriate postings if we see them. We do not allow repeated use of offensive language as the site may be viewed by young people. The content of posted messages reflects the views of those posting. They may differ from our views. Please contact us if you see inappropriate postings that you think should be removed.

We do not carry-out pre-posting moderation of postings as this allows the best interactive use of our message board. However we do reserve the right to do so if we believe the circumstances require it.

You are reminded that if you add your e-mail address to posted messages (and you are not required to do so) you are posting this information into the public domain and it may be used by other people.

You may need to do so in order to receive direct replies e.g. if you are advertising for a guitarist. In such cases you may wish to consider the use of a disposable e-mail account for this purpose.

Our message board suggests that you should never post other personal details to this forum.Useful FTC page about privacy and Internet dangers

WARNING: By posting inappropriate messages you are deemed to accept that your site may be checked as we deem appropriate. If you do not want this to happen - do not post. We reserve the right to identify IP addresses to assist in both tracking violations and taking action..


Our site does not use cookies (except for the usage counter statistics).
We do not collect, attempt to collect or use any personal information.
We will advise you here, if in the future, we introduce other cookies on this site.

Links to other external sites

The RockSite contains many links to other stes, indeed that is one of its purposes. We have no control over these external sites or their privacy policies. However these sites are freely available via other search facilities. This of course does not make them safer - but we are sending you to sites that are freely available.

Counter statistics

We use the commercially available counters ( to track the number of page visitors to our site. This uses cookies. This gives us information on usability and traffic origins (and you come from all around the world !). We do not collect or use any personal information through this service. This facility may use cookies.

TicketMaster UK

The ticket links track our affiliate status. Please see the site for their privacy statement. Please note the Ticketmaster UK site operates between 03.00 am and 24.00 pm local time (GMT or BST). Note that dates, artists and venues may change or confirmation (especially Festivals) and are beyond our control. Ticket tracking is done via using

Amazon UK and

The links track our Amazon UK affiliate status. Please see the site for their privacy statement.
The links track our affiliate status. Please see the site for their privacy statement.


The only pop-up on our site is for the music stream which is loaded in the background. It may load automatically (on our entry page) if your computer allows pop-ups or otherwise if you invoke it. It is not intrusive and may be killed off if required by selecting and exiting the window.

Many linked sites are opened in new windows to enable you to easily return to our site. This is intentional as many sites invalidate your option to go backwards. If you get other pop-ups they are not from us but from other sites you have chosen to visit. We often exclude links to sites that have repeated and intrusive pop-ups.

... and finally

Please e-mail us if you have any privacy queries about our site. We publish full information in our domain registration. We may revise this site privacy statement from time to time.
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