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Bio - Marillion
Marillion are:
Steve 'H' Hogarth - Vocals
Mark Kelly - Keyboards
Ian Mosley - Drums
Steve Rothery - Guitars
Pete Trewavas - Bass

Marillion first appeared in a recognisable form in early 1982, when the line-up of Fish (vocals), Steve Rothery (guitar), Mark Kelly (keyboards), Pete Trewavas (bass) and Mick Pointer (drummer) began exhaustively touring around the Aylesbury and London area. The combination of imaginative, enthralling music and image filled lyrics soon found favour amongst their expanding fan base and journalists who had tired of some of the more formulaic music that dogged the live scene of the time. Several sold out nights at the legendary Marquee club forced the record labels to recognise the impact of their music and a deal with EMI was quickly signed.

The release of such classic albums as ‘Script For A Jester’s Tear’ (1983) and Fugazi (1984) bolstered their reputation, and their line up was further strengthened when drummer Ian Mosley replaced Pointer in 1984. ‘Misplaced Childhood’ followed in 1985 (which included the hit singles ‘Kayleigh’ and ‘Lavender’) and promptly hit the coveted number one slot. But, following the tour to support 1987's ‘Clutching At Straws’, Fish suddenly and unexpectedly quit the band to pursue a solo career. He was replaced by the equally imposing figure of Steve Hogarth whose input helped to freshen and augment their sound. The resulting albums of ‘Season’s End’ (1989), ‘Holidays In Eden’ (1991), ‘Brave’ (1994) ‘Afraid Of Sunlight’ (1995), ‘This Strange Engine’ (1997) and ‘Radiation’ (1998) proved Marillion’s continued determination to release inventive and emotional music, irrespective of whether their music was picked up by radio stations or made an impact on the charts.

By 1997, Marillion had realised that the Internet provided an ideal opportunity to nurture a closer contact with the fans, and a fan instigated whip round on their e-mailing list produced enough funds to allow the band to tour the USA . The release of the album ‘’ in 1999 flagged their newly launched web-site and record label but it was the revolutionary concept of asking their fans to pre-order and pay for the recording costs of an album some 12 months in advance of its release that hit the headlines in 2001. Astonishingly, over 12,000 of their fans pre-ordered and an additional deal was struck with EMI to mark et the resulting ‘Anoraknophobia’ album.

A similar campaign was also launched to fund the band’s latest release, ‘Marbles’ but this time all the money raised went into a campaign fund to promote the album. In terms of fan loyalty, it can be said that Marillion have an international underground following to rival the mainstream Their new album ‘Marbles’ is a CD packed full of atmospheric and stirring songs. Intense, deep-seated and musically rewarding - you'll either "get it" or you won't!


21 years after the release of their first album (Script For A Jester's Tear in 1983) Marillion have released their 13th studio album. 'Marbles' is a CD packed full of atmospheric and stirring songs. Intense, deep-seated and musically rewarding, 'Marbles' had a worldwide release on May 3rd through their own label Intact Records. Marillion have a unique relationship with their fans. In 1997 the fans learnt via an email newsletter that, due to lack of record company support, the band could not afford to fund a US tour. One the fans instigated a whip-round and raised $60,000 enabling the tour to take place.

The release of the album '' in 1999 flagged their newly launched web-site (and record label) and this online source of information became an open conduit between band and fans. At this point the band decided to adopt a completely new approach to the way their albums were funded and their 12th album 'Anoraknophobia' hit the headlines in 2001 when more than 12,000 fans pre-ordered, and paid for, the record 12 months before it was released. A similar campaign was launched to fund 'Marbles' with 13,000 fans ordering the record in advance but this time all the money raised went into a campaign fund to promote the album. Fans who had pre-paid received a double CD pack containing an exclusive 124 page book in which they are name checked.

Marillion have: Sold more than 14 million records Released 13 studio albums - 4 with Fish as lead singer (82-88), 9 with Steve Hogarth (88?) Had 8 UK Top 10 albums Played more than 1200 gigs to well over 2 million people Released 19 UK singles - 15 were Top 40 of which 5 were top 10 2004 alone saw two top 20 singles and a number 2 single in the download chart.

Marillion are one of the UK music scene's best kept secrets. Purveyors of soulful, powerful, and often deeply-moving music, their blistering live shows leave audiences breathless. When Fish, Marillion's original lead singer, left the band in 1988 after four albums he was replaced by the charismatic Steve Hogarth. A former member of The Europeans and some-time collaborator with The The and Julian Cope,

Hogarth brought a new heart and energy to the band. In 2001 'Anoraknophobia' saw Marillion take the groundbreaking step of asking fans to pre-order an album 12 months before release. An amazing 12,000 people signed up, helping to finance the recording.

The band once again took pre-orders for the 2004 masterpiece 'Marbles', but this time the money was channelled into a campaign fund to promote its launch. When singles 'Don't Hurt Yourself' and 'You're Gone' breached the UK top 20 - the latter making it all the way to number seven - jaws dropped right across the music world.


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