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John Lennon

1940 - 1980
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The Beatles - Come Together
John Lennon
John Lennon
John Lennon

John Lennon - previous groups

The Quarrymen
Johnny and the Moondogs
Silver Beetles
The Beatles
Plastic Ono Band

Abbey Road Studios

The legendary Beatles studio for was opened to visits for a limited period.
It is on the Rock Museums page. [ click here ]


John Lennon discography

Name Date Rel. UK highest US highest Reference
Two Virgins 1968      
Life with the lions 1969      
Wedding Album 1969      
Live - peace in Toronto 1969      
Plastic Ono Band 1970      
Image 1971      
Sometime in New York City 1972      
Mind Games 1973      
Walls and Bridges 1974      
Rock'n Roll 1975      
Shaved Fish 1975      
Double Fantasy 1980      
John Lennon Boxed Set 1981      
John Lennon Collection 1982      
Milk and Honey 1984      
Live in New York City 1986      
plus plus ....        

John Lennon - Havana, Cuba

John in Havana, cuba
Statue of John Lennon by Jose Villa in
Parque John Lennon, Havana, Cuba
Unveiled on 8th December 2000
John in Havana, Cuba
Imagine - John Lennon

The Playboy interview

It can never be again! Everyone always talks about a good thing coming to an end, as if life was over. But I'll be 40 when this interview comes out. Paul is 38. Elton John, Bob Dylan -- we're all relatively young people.

The game isn't over yet. Everyone talks in terms of the last record or the last Beatle concert -- but, God willing, there are another 40 years of productivity to go.

Did you know ?

John changed his name from John Winston Lennon to John Ono Lennon.

The FBI had a file on John Lennon.

His "lost weekend" lasted for about fifteen months.

John formed a group called the Quarrymen, which became the Silver Beatles and then The Beatles.

John's famous NYC tee-shirt had sleaves, which were torn off for the photo-shoot.

John was 40 years old when he was shot dead in New York in 1980.

He took five years off as a "house-husband" after his son Sean was born.

There was a superb John Lennon museum in Tokyo, Japan. (it closed).


John Lennon killer denied parole again

August 2014. The killer of John lennon in 1980 has been denied parole for the eighth time.

John Lennon Museum - Tokyo, Japan

John Lennon Museum - Tokyo

John Lennon Museum - Tokyo, Japan
The museum is now closed
[ see info ]

Visit to John Lennon Museum - Tokyo
[ video link ]
Alas museum now closed
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Did you know ?

"It's not fun being a genius," he said. "It's torture."
- John Lennon


Abbey Road Studio, London

Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studio - London
Special Film Festival at Abbey Road Studio
19th March - 3rd April 2005
Rare chance to visit the famous Beatles studio.
For the first time ever, the legendary Abbey Road Studios open their doors to the public with a two-week season of films, which were scored at the studios.
Abbey Road crossing
Abbey Road - March 2005
Abbey Road - Studio 2
Abbey Road - Studio 2 - Beatles studio

Bio - John Lennon

Born - 9th October 1940. Liverpool, England.
Died - 8th December 1980. New York, USA.

John Winston Lennon was born on the 9th October 1940 in Liverpool, England. His father Frederick Lennon abandoned his family and then his mother Julia died in 1957. So he lived with his aunt Mimi. He went to Dovedale Primary school. In 1956 when he saw a film about rock and roll music the music fascinated him. He formed his first band the Quarry Men with Stuart Sutcliffe on bass.

In 1957, he invited the guitarist song-writer Paul McCartney and the guitarist George Harrison to join the group. In 1958 John entered Liverpool Art School where he met Cynthia (Sonya) Powell. In 1960, the Quarry Men turned professional and changed their name to the Silver Beetles then to the Beatles. In 1961 Sutcliffe decided to return to art school full time but tragically died shortly afterwards.


The manager of a local Liverpool record store, Brian Epstein, became the Beatles' manager in 1962. The same year, Ringo Star joined the group replacing Pete Best. In 1962, Lennon married Cynthia Powell. Their son, John Julian Lennon, was born in 1963. That same year, the Beatles recorded their first album "Please Please Me" which became an gigantic success. In April 1964, the five best-selling singles and second-best selling albums on the U.S. charts belonged to the Beatles. John like being provocative and in 1966, at the height of their popularity called the Beatlemania, Lennon infuriated religious groups in the United States when he casually asserted: "We are more popular than Jesus." The comment had serious consequences for the band's image.


The band's final concert was held on August 29th 1966, in San Francisco. There were rumours of a break up and tensions between Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. Each was moving in a different direction artistically.

In 1968, Lennon and Cynthia Powell divorced, and the following year, he married Yoko Ono, a Japanese conceptual artist and musician. Their son Sean Tara Ono Lennon was born in 1975.


Following the break up of the Beatles, Yoko Ono and Lennon collaborated. In 1969, they staged a "Bed-In for Peace", a flamboyant peace protest in which, for several days, they granted interviews exclusively from their bed. Lennon concentrated on a solo career as well, and in 1971, he once again topped the music charts with Imagine.

"Lost weekend" is what John Lennon called his eighteen-month separation from Yoko Ono . The separation began in early 1973. It was during this period with May Pang that Lennon produced Harry Nilsson 's Pussy Cats album.

His 1980 co-release with Yoko One of Double Fantasy was also a critical and commercial success. Tragically, on December the 8th, 1980, Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman, a crazy fan, outside his apartment building in New York City.

His death inspired a ten-minute vigil of silence by millions of fans around the world, occurring on the 14th December 1980.


John Lennon 1940-1980

John Lennon killed in New York
John Lennon
8th December 1980 - shot in New york - "the city John loved"
Imagine - the New York Times 1980
BBC - on this day - 8th December 1980
A vigil was held in New York on 14th December 1980.
December 14th, 1980 - At the request of Yoko Ono, people all over the world pause for ten minutes
to remember John Lennon. The former Beatle had been murdered the week before in
New York City by an obsessed fan.

8th December - John Lennon died

John Lennon 1940-1980
John Lennon - in the Beatles  era
John Lennon killed in New York
John Lennon
34 years ago - shot in New York on the 8th December 1980 - "the city John loved"
8 12 80

John Lennon shot dead in New York

John Lennon Lennon had disengaged himself from the music business in 1975 to raise his infant son Sean, but re-emerged in 1980 with the new album Double Fantasy. He was murdered three weeks after its release.
qr 16877
Remember 8 12 80
Remember 8th December 1980 [remember 8 12 80]
[ Countdown to death of John Lennon.. ]
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