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Status Quo

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Status Quo - What Ever You Want
Status Quo - 2002

Status Quo
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Rick Parfitt Update
Rick Parfitt of Status Quo

Rick Parfitt throat illness cancels Quo UK tour

Rick Parfitt given all clear after throat tests

Now The Quo are BACK

Status Quo - In the News
who can get a crowd going better than the Quo?
Francis Rossi
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Francis Rossi
Francis Rossi
Bio - Status Quo
Francis Rossi
Rick Parfitt
Andrew Bown
John 'Rhino' Edwards
Matt Letley

Francis Rossi is the front man. His instantly recognizable voice and the twin guitars of Rossi and Parfitt are the main ingredients of Status Quo. Known to everyone in the band as 'Frame' or 'The Gomorr' (the grand old man of rock and roll). Francis on stage is an outgoing and charismatic showman but has been labelled a recluse because he rarely goes to parties or big social occasions, preferring to stay at home (If you saw his house you'd understand why!). Musically he still loves playing, performing and writing as much as ever and is always involved in the production of Quo records. When not touring, Francis keeps fit by swimming and exercising. He is a collector of Koi Carp, likes Clay pigeon shooting and is probably the English pasta-eating record holder.

Rick Parfitt is one of Englands' greatest rhythm guitarists, his rock solid style has always been the core of the Quo sound. Also known as 'The Womorr' (The Wild Old Man Of Rock and Roll) , he has written some of Quo's most memorable songs including '"Whatever You Want", "Backwater" "Living on an Island"' and "Rain". If you've seen Quo live you'll know the rush you get when Rick steps up to the front of the stage and hammers out the intro to 'Caroline' or 'Paper Plane'. The enduring partnership of Rossi and Parfitt is the thing that keeps Quo rocking and even though they are very different characters, after more than 30 years together they are still the best of mates. Once known as the 'Wild Man' of rock, Rick insists that he has learnt to relax and now is a 'Mild Man' of rock, (If you believe that you'll believe anything!!)

Andrew Bown, otherwise known as 'Acid Man' because of his acerbic wit, is the multi-instrumentalist of the band and whilst he wouldn't admit it, is a fantastic musician. Besides the keyboards, harmonica and guitar that you see him playing on stage with Quo, he is a great bass player, in fact not many people are aware that bass is his main instrument. He is also by his own admission the worst drummer in the world! A full member of the band since 1976, he has contributed some great songs to the Quo hit list including 'Whatever You Want' and 'Burning Bridges'.

John 'Rhino' Edwards has played with many other artistes but for him there is only one band and he is where he wants to be, in the engine room of Status Quo. He is known to all as 'Rhino' and also as 'The Bludgeon' because he is the clumsiest man in the world and somehow he manages to break things wherever he goes. . Rhino loves touring and when Quo are on the road, he and Andrew can often be found wandering the streets, taking in Art Galleries, seeing the sights and tasting the local brews. With possibly the biggest stereo system in West London and the best neighbours (not), he is a musicoholic, always listening to new and old records of all kinds and recording tracks in his home studio.......loudly. With Rhino in the band, Quo will never stop rocking.

Matthew 'Matt' Letley Born on 29th March 1961, he's recorded and toured with (amongst many others) Bob Geldof, Aha, David Essex, Hank Marvin, Gary Brooker, Snowy White and Vanessa-Mae. He also played with Rhino, Francis and Rick on tracks for Rhinos solo album Rhinos Revenge. Matt plays Remo Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Drumcat Electronics, and is an experienced sight reader. Matt is a great guy, and unlike the other members of Quo he's a quiet guy. But once on stage, he becomes a real animal.

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Rick Parfitt
Status Quo - Rick and Francis
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